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I saw the most sublime tennis match in recent memory at Wimbledon today. Between rain delays, it was a grand competition. I can honestly say I have never seen two foes so evenly matched in tennis. By the time Rafael Nadal had finally beat Roger Federer for the Wimbledon crown, most people were already incredulous at the back and forth that was today championship match. After winning five Wimbleon titles in a row, only Rafael Nadal stood in Roger Federer’s way for a sixth. But, it seems recently that Nadal has really come into his own. He’s come a long way since being that Spanish kid wearing capri’s. If today was any indicator, there is a changing of the guard occuring. Federer has been dominant for so long, someone was bound to beat him. Only Nadal has even come close. I think this tennis match showed how far ahead of the pack the top two men’s singles players really are. These two should not be surprised if they find each other’s company in a lot more majors for awhile. The rest have a lot of catching up to do.


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