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You don’t want a slice of this…

If you haven’t heard of Kimbo Slice, you might after Saturday. Check out¬†this narrated fight. Sorry it’s so short. I hear most of his fights are short. This backyard brawler has climbed from homelessness to the main stage on CBS (Saturday, 9 pm EST). To say he is ferocious seems like an understatement. But, before we celebrate this so-called lion, just remember Mike Tyson (see other blog post). He was deemed just as ferocious and merciless. All it took was the true skill of a real boxer to put him down. Fear only goes so far, I hope Kimbo’s skills are enough.


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How the Mighty can Fall

I’ve always¬†read sports religiously as well as political and economic news. Growing up in Denver, I’ve always followed all Colorado sports as well as the national sports scene. As I grow older I look back at a lot of events with a different perspective. As analytical skills grow, you start to see things in sports that you didn’t see as a kid. One example I can think of was in 1990, when Buster Douglas knocked out Mike Tyson (left).

I remember when it happened, everyone was speechless. It was unreal. This bruiser had been knocking people out left and right. He had so much going for him, I’m sure some were ready to put him in the company of Ali, Robinson, Marciano, etc. Then that night in Tokyo, Mike Tyson’s Heel was laid bare for all opponents to see. The knockout showed what Tyson’s life would be like from then on. He was sent to jail for rape shortly after and the downward spiral continued. Now twice a felon, Tyson lost his last fight to Kevin McBride right here in DC in 2005. How the mighty have fallen. Continue reading

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