They are who we thought they were!



I think Philadelphia is learning what Chicago already knows: Arizona can’t keep a lead. Remember: “They are who we thought they were!”? If Arizona blows this they will be tying a record for the biggest comeback in Championship history. This team is only two years away from that heartbreaking loss. The rosters are pretty much the same, so it’s not too unexpected that they would psychologically break as a team. That looks like what’s happening now. I just have to shake my head. I almost feel sorry for them…

But man, Larry Fitzgerald is strong! Does Arizona have what it takes? They’re so close…will they score? Touchdown! Perhaps these birds aren’t the same young bunch who let a comeback get to their head.  Even got the two-point conversion…I might soon be eating my words. Is it Kurt Warner, is he the missing link. Is he providing the leadership that Matt Leinart could not?

This game is wonderful back and forth of momentum. I really thought the Cardinals were going to win in the second quarter. They have weathered a comeback and re-establishing dominance. Now it’s question of who wants it more? The cliche not withstanding, it really is a test of wills.

Why has Donovan McNabb never truly established himself? Even in the Super Bowl he had the opportunity near the end of the game to beat the Patriots and he could not. Whatever the reason, he had the opportunity and could not realize it. There’s not much time left, will he prove us wrong? He will have to summon the spirit of Elway, less than two minutes. I guess not. Kurtis should have caught that pass. There’s only so much one man can do, as John Elway knows all too well.



Edgerrin James just said “Fuck that!” on national television! OOPS. It’s ok…he said it in a good way, in celebration. Kevin Curtis had the opportunity to catch that ball, HE SHOULD HAVE CAUGHT THE BALL! When the ball touches your hands, you have to catch it. Philadelphia fans may disagree, but deep down you know it’s true. My Broncos blew many a game that I blamed on the refs…I feel you.


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