Phelps make crush!

Phelps make crush!

Phelps make crush!

I know I watched it a bit late, but that Michael Phelps is a beast. He broke the world record in the 400m IM by about a second and a half. His strength and endurance are extraordinary. He exemplified form in all of his swimming strokes. When he bounces off walls, he stays under longer than everyone, and seems to get more out of each stroke. It seemed that he traveled further per stroke. It really looking effortless. This athlete is extraordinary in his concentration and strength. His form is very good, so he keeps himself focused on maintaining form; he’s smart. But physically he is a specimen. He is one of those rare athletes that is far better than every peer. Michael Jordan, Joe Montana, Ted Williams, Muhammad Ali, the list is short. But as far as swimming, Michael Phelps is the best. After seeing the race today, he’s far better than his peers.


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