You don’t want a slice of this (part III)…

What a letdown that was. I guess I can’t be too surprised, the hype machine rarely meets expectations. I was led to believe that Kimbo Slice would be the next Mike Tyson and James “The Colossus” Thompson had the look of a tomato can if I ever did see one. I thought Slice would come out of the gate trying to end the fight (which would have been perfect since the event ran over time). Kimbo Slice looked like a patient fighter, but once he got taken to the ground, the relative novice was apparent. I would bet if Thompson were better himself on the ground, this fight would have been over in the first round.

Kimbo Slice is a puncher by trade, as most fans saw, his ground game is very raw. All he had to do was keep the fight vertical. If anyone did not see that golfball inside The Colossus’ left ear as a problem, they weren’t paying attention. As soon as Slice bopped that ear and blood came out, that ear was a liability. Good thing for Kimbo Slice it was, because it looked like he was going to lose. All the previous hype built Slice up far too much. He has potential, but for now, he is a sideshow. Real UFC fighters are still the best, no can argue that Kimbo Slice would have lost handily to the likes of Tito Ortiz or Antonio Silva. As Slice admitted himself after the fight himself, he still has a lot to learn. (Photo:AP)

Here’s the final round of the fight…




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