Get it Right


I’ve been reading and watching a lot about Major League Baseball considering instant replay. It doesn’t make much sense to me why they wouldn’t use it when every other sport has replay. It’s been said that it will slow the game. Can it slow it any more than the umpires standing and discussing the call? Football has installed rules to speed up instant replay, like a countdown clock, and making the coaches request replays. Similar rules can make replay efficient and less time consuming, and less abuse. An NFL coach is limited in his number of request. This can just as easily be applied to baseball. I believe, at the bottom line, the call must be right. We must have the real effect of a game be something true, instead of an irreversible bad call. Replay is not perfect by any stretch, but it lets us get it right more often than with the naked eye.

For anyone reading this, I would like to know what you think. Are you a purist or more modern? How does replay help or hurt the game? I think the best question is: Is MLB better off with or without replay?


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